India has a new Internetworking initiative to boost internet connectivity

In a move that may be hailed as a sign of how the world is becoming increasingly connected, India is announcing a new initiative to improve the quality of internet connectivity in the country.

India is launching a “Smart Network” to harness the power of internetworking to provide a better internet experience for users and businesses.

It will be led by the Communications and IT ministry, which is the nodal body of the government.

The Smart Network aims to make India a global leader in internetworking by developing and testing innovative technologies to make the internet more robust and affordable.

The aim of the project is to accelerate the adoption of internet-based solutions in India and provide a new path to make digital services affordable to Indian consumers.

The project is part of a broader strategy to transform India into a digital power hub, said the ministry.

“The Smart network aims to accelerate internet-dependent activities, particularly for the small and medium-sized enterprises,” the ministry said.

“By leveraging the power and agility of the internet to boost the quality and accessibility of internet services, the government hopes to provide better connectivity to citizens and to businesses.”

The project aims to create a national network of digital connectivity and service providers in India by 2022, according to the ministry’s plan.

The project’s first phase will be aimed at connecting 1 million internet users, including small and mid-sized businesses.

That will require around 20 million connections, said a government official.

India has an estimated 6.4 billion people who are internet-connected.

India has the world’s third largest internet population, according the World Wide Web Consortium.

It has a population of nearly 14 billion, according a report by consultancy firm eMarketer.

India’s Internet Service Providers Association said in a statement on Thursday that the Smart Network will make India one of the “global leaders in the field of smart technologies.”

The association said the Smart Networks’ purpose will be to accelerate and enhance the development of smart solutions for connectivity in India.

“We are very excited about this new initiative, which will enable India to become a global hub for digital innovation,” the association said in its statement.

“We are confident that it will contribute to making India a digital superpower and a global economic power.”

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