Alcatel to shut down internetworking for its users

Alcatel Inc. is shutting down internetworks for its members and employees, the company said Wednesday, as the smartphone maker prepares for a federal antitrust investigation.

Alcatel Inc., a unit of French telecommunications giant Alcatel-Lucent Corp., said Wednesday that it would suspend internetworking services and internet connections for some users on Thursday, citing a “security threat.”

The decision is the latest move in the ongoing probe by the Federal Trade Commission.

The company, which is based in Paris, said that it was responding to a threat that the Internet of Things, or IoT, could be used to compromise Alcatel Internetworks.

The threat comes after the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the National Security Agency revealed the existence of a massive hacking network in the United States that has allegedly been targeting the phone maker.

It is also a sign that the FBI is probing the security of Alcatel’s hardware and software that are used in the devices it sells.

The Internet of things, or internet, is a vast and growing network of devices that connect to and interact with other devices.

It’s a complex, decentralized network that includes cars, televisions, medical devices and even cars, which often rely on internet connectivity to help them navigate.

The FBI is looking into whether the security vulnerabilities in IoT devices are being exploited by foreign intelligence and foreign governments to target U.S. businesses.

In a statement, the FCC said it was taking the precautionary measure “to prevent the disruption to communications.”

It added that the company’s decision to suspend internetworks was “part of the company-wide security measures” and that the decision was “not related to any specific individual or group.”

“The decision does not affect other Internetworks customers and the Company continues to operate as normal,” the company added.

The announcement came a day after a similar decision by Alcatel, which also announced the closure of its internetworks, which it said were targeted at the threat of the IoT.

The FCC said in a statement that the shutdown of internetwork services would be “in accordance with our normal practices and procedures.”

The company said it would keep a close eye on the IoT and its security risks, but that it believed it had mitigated those risks in a way that made the decision necessary.

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