Cisco and Facebook develop internetworking security and privacy tools

Cisco and Facebook are partnering on an initiative to develop new internetworking safety and privacy technologies for the enterprise.

CERT will develop and maintain the framework to support Cisco’s security and management of internetworking networks, and the two companies will collaborate on building an open source internetworking standard.

“Cisco and the Facebook community are bringing together a group of the industry’s leading technology leaders to build an open-source internetworking framework to help the industry better protect customers and manage their networks,” said Brian Krebs, senior vice president of enterprise security and incident response at Cisco.

The CERT-Facebook collaboration is part of the Cisco-Facebook Initiative to Build an Open-Source Internetworking Framework.

“The CERT/Facebook Initiative is designed to build a community of industry leaders who are committed to creating the best security and risk management solutions available,” said David V. Cappellini, chief technology officer of Cisco.

“This is a great opportunity to build upon this initiative and build upon the strong relationship between Cisco and the world’s leading internet companies to accelerate the delivery of security and compliance products and solutions to enterprise customers.”

“We are proud to work with Cisco to build this common platform,” said Cappella.

“We’re excited to work together to create a common security and data security framework to empower the industry to deliver the highest quality, most secure, and most convenient network security.”

The initiative, which will be launched on Tuesday, March 31, will be funded by the Cisco Foundation, which has committed $50 million toward the effort.

“Together we can make the world a safer place for everyone,” said Caitlin H. Gage, vice president for enterprise security, data and network security, Cisco.

This partnership will help ensure that the network is protected against attacks.

“These new technologies are designed to help make it easier for organizations to protect their networks against attacks that could compromise the security of their data,” said Chris P. Johnson, chief executive officer of the OpenNet Foundation.

“By working together, we can ensure that our network is secure for our customers, our employees, and our customers’ businesses.”

Cisco will also offer a free security audit tool to all customers in the Cisco Cloud.

“Today’s security challenges are not just coming from cybercriminals or terrorists,” said John W. Loomis, vice chairman of Cisco’s Global Security Research and Analysis Group.

“They are coming from an industry that has a history of failing to innovate.

The Cisco-facebook Initiative is a key step toward building a stronger cloud security ecosystem and making the internet a safer and more secure place for all.”

CERT and Facebook’s collaboration will be open source.

The collaboration is supported by the OpenSecrets project and by Cisco’s Enterprise Security Analytics program.

“OpenSecrets is an open technology community that has developed open source software for many of the world, including Cisco, for use in its commercial security monitoring products,” said Andrew F. Pender, principal analyst at Cisco Security Research.

“With the Cisco open source network security infrastructure framework, Cisco will be able to use this technology to create the best network security products and services for all our customers.”

For more information, please visit Cisco’s website.

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