The Israeli internet is going down, but we are winning the race to the bottom

A lot has changed since Israel first rolled out the internet in 2009.

But one thing that hasn’t changed is the Israeli government.

Net neutrality has always been an idea that has been around since the dawn of the internet, and it has always played a key role in shaping how the world’s biggest economy works.

But after years of fierce lobbying and intense lobbying, the government finally adopted a new policy in 2015 that would see all ISPs, and all content providers, share some of the revenue generated from their services.

That was enough for the Israeli tech sector, which is mostly located in the northern part of the country, to go on the offensive.

Israel, in its current form, is not an internet-friendly country.

The country is predominantly home to a mostly Jewish population that is wary of its rapid rise and the perceived threats posed by the internet.

It also has an Orthodox minority that has traditionally been very critical of the government.

But with the election of a young leader, Likud party head Naftali Bennett, who is also a member of the Likushkin bloc, and the formation of a government in the near future, things are looking up for Israeli internet companies.

Israel’s government has already begun a policy that will change the way Israel sees its internet service.

Net Neutrality, or Net Neutrality as it is often called, has become a buzzword in the tech sector because it will allow internet companies to be treated equally, without any discrimination, said Ben White, founder and CEO of Internet Access, an Israeli internet provider that has its headquarters in Tel Aviv.

Netneutrality means that if a company has a competitor’s service, the company can choose not to participate in that service.

This is what has made Net Neutralty so popular with US technology companies, said White.

Israel is the only country in the world where this has been achieved.

But it is an ambitious goal, and that is why the Israeli internet providers are so excited about the new policy.

Networks, whether it’s Google or Facebook or Netflix, they have to abide by the law.

But they don’t have to be a partner, because it’s against the law, said Richard Korsky, chairman of Tel Aviv-based global technology firm Telekom.

Net neutrality is something that is being talked about because it would give Israel more choice, and more flexibility in how they run their business, said Korski.

Net companies are getting a new boost in lobbying power.

Korskies Tel Aviv office received nearly 300,000 requests from US companies asking for support for Net Neutralization during the first half of 2017.

The lobbying efforts were particularly effective because they were happening right after President Trump and his administration started dismantling the Obama-era policy.

Korsky said it is not that the lobbying efforts have done much to sway the government to adopt Net Neutralism.

It is the fact that the administration has shown it is going to follow through with this policy.

And that is important because it gives Israel the ability to build on its progress, said Tom Lopata, senior VP of international affairs at Tel Aviv’s Internet Access.

But the new Net Neutralness is not the only change that Tel Aviv is making.

Kotsch said that he expects the country to get a lot more out of its Internet in 2019, and this new Net neutrality will help to ensure that Tel, and its other telecoms, will continue to compete with the internet providers that are more established in the US.

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