Alcatel announces new service with $50,000 discount for users who sign up for $50/month of internet service

The Alcatec Wireless Inc., the Canadian telecommunications giant that has been one of the most vocal proponents of net neutrality, is bringing its internet service to an area of the country with the highest number of wireless users, according to a blog post by Alccel Communications.

The service, which is only available in North America, is available at a price of $50 a month and offers a 50% discount to users who have subscribed to the company’s wireless service.

Users who have not signed up for a service plan and who do not already own a device that has a web browser installed will have the option to do so, and can sign up to use the service at any time during their billing cycle.

Alcatell Wireless has also partnered with a number of major carriers in North American for the service, including T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T, with an expected rollout of service to other markets coming in the fall.

Alkaline Blue is Alcel’s second wireless service to be launched by the company in 2017.

In February, the company announced its $25/month plan for mobile users that offers unlimited internet, text and video.

The $50 plan is available for existing customers, while those who have already purchased an Alkalinet account will receive a $50 discount for signing up for the new service.

The Alkaline Blue plan is expected to launch this month in Canada and will offer data, messaging and voice services.

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