Why Cisco internetworking is not the next wave of internetworking technology

The next wave, after internetworking and the cloud, will be internetworking for companies, not internetworking as an industry.

The next internetworking wave will be the one that makes the internet more efficient, says David Ziemenschlager, senior partner at the McKinsey Global Institute.

“Internetworking is just the first step, it’s just a starting point,” he said.

Ziemengers work has been focused on internetworking in general for the last few years, but he said the work will become more focused on the areas of internetwork management and web applications, which will be central to the next internetwork wave.

That will include cloud and internetworking.

He also mentioned a collaboration with IBM on the new internetwork-management platform, called Internet Workflow.

It will help businesses manage and scale their internetwork infrastructure, while also supporting the Internet Workforce, a set of companies working to make it easier for people to work from home.

Zimengers said that while the next web-based internet will likely be internet-connected, the internet will always have to be online, so that it’s accessible to everyone.

He expects internetwork will continue to exist, and the internet needs to be connected, so people can use it.

The web can be connected to the internet, he said, and internetwork has to be available for everyone.

The future is here, Zimenschleger said.

“The internet is here now, the next Internetworks is here,” he told the CBC.

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