The Lad – The Book of the Lad

The Lad is a book about networking and the internet, written by John Lad.

Lad is famous for his blog, which he co-founded and published for almost 20 years.

Lad’s book, The Lad: An Illustrated History of the Internet, was published in 2000.

It is considered by many to be the first book about the internet.

The Lad has a long history of making predictions, and his predictions have not always been accurate.

John Lad is best known for his blogs about the Internet.

His latest book, An Illustrated Guide to the Internet: A Handbook for Professionals, is available from

John Lad is the author of An Illustrated Introduction to the World of Networking and An Illustrated Networking Handbook, published by Norton & HarperCollins, which can be purchased from Amazon for $24.95.

John said that he believes that most of us use the internet for some of the same reasons that Lad used it for his blogging, but that we don’t think about it very much.

He believes that the internet has become more complex and important, and that it is very important that we understand it.

John told The Lad that he doesn’t think that we are doing anything wrong when we use the net, that we just want to communicate and communicate as much as possible, and he believes it is an amazing tool.

He said that we need to use it responsibly and we need not to make excuses when we get frustrated.

John added that it was important to have some tools to help us manage the internet in the future.

He told The LAD that his hope is that we will all be able to find some tools that help us better manage the web, and they will help us to connect with people around the world and communicate with our families.

John is the founder of NetGeeks, a network of engineers and designers in the Silicon Valley, California.

He has also worked with Cisco and other companies to build the Cisco Systems Internetworking protocol (ISP).

NetGeeks provides networking information and training to engineers, software developers, and other IT professionals.

NetGawks is an award-winning community of over 200 members, and over 50,000 members.

The members create networking information for others to use, and work to build a network that is better for all.

John has a Masters in Computer Science from Stanford University, and has a Master’s Degree in Networking from the University of Maryland, College Park.

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