How to be the best of the best on Twitter

A few days ago, the hashtag #TwitterRules was trending on Twitter.

And they were the rules to how you should interact with your followers.

Here are five of the biggest ones.


Do not be a jerk.

No, seriously.

It’s not a hashtag, but the rules for this kind of thing are simple: if you’re going to be rude to a person, be the worst.

You should be the jerk.

That said, if you think a person is being rude to you, just tell them.

Just don’t act like you’re the best at being nice to them.

You won’t be.

You’re the worst at being the best.


Keep the peace.

It is always important to keep the peace and keep your interactions productive.

But you shouldn’t be a total jerk if it’s a matter of being respectful to others.


Don’t interrupt.

If you’re interrupting someone on Twitter, it’s your own fault.

Keep it civil.

But don’t go overboard.

You might be offending someone, but if you can’t keep your voice down, it won’t help you.


Don´t give out personal information.

The only reason someone could ever know what youre saying is if they read it in the first place.

Don`t be a dick about it.

Just because youre a jerk, it doesn’t mean you should be a bad person.


Don t use the hashtag to vent.

Youre welcome to use it, but it doesn´t do anything for you to be a better person.

You can be rude and it won´t make any difference.

But if you want to vent, don’t tweet about yourself.

You know that makes you look like a jerk to people.

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