Networks can make your work more secure: Financial Post

Businesses and organizations that use the internet to connect to the wider world can also gain a significant advantage by ensuring they’re compliant with industry standards, according to a new report from the Foundation.

The foundation, which is backed by leading internet firms including Google, LinkedIn and Twitter, has released a report titled Networks and the World of the Internet: What’s at Stake.

It says the world needs a “worldwide internet infrastructure”, with the internet as the gateway to the global economy.

“We need to connect the world to the Internet so that everyone has access to the world and to be able to participate in the global digital economy,” said Joanna Fergus, director of business development at the foundation.

“But, the internet is so much more than just a digital platform for connecting people and making connections.

The internet can also be a vehicle for social change and progress.”

Fergus said that, as more organisations move to the internet, they need to make sure they’re taking steps to secure their networks.

She said organisations can be proactive about securing their networks by making sure their infrastructure is secure, but there are a number of different ways that organisations can do this.

First, she said, organisations should use the net to connect with others.

“The internet can be a great tool for sharing information, but we should also ensure that it’s safe to do so,” she said.

“That means ensuring that the internet infrastructure that’s used to access the internet and the network that’s running it is secured, is secure from intrusion, and is protected from abuse.”

For example, organisations that run their own networks should be able connect to a secure server, but that server should be run by a company that has been approved by the government.

Fergus explained that a security expert should be involved in the design of the network, so that the network is secure but can be operated by anyone.

“It’s also a good idea for organisations to have a trusted third-party to maintain their network.

That third party should be running their own security software, which will ensure that the server running the network can be trusted,” she added.

“And finally, the organisations should be using secure VPNs to protect the traffic from the outside world.

This will help to keep the internet secure and secure from hackers and hackers in general.”

Fives leading tech companies have been part of the foundation’s initiative.

LinkedIn has been part since 2014, while Twitter has been active since 2013.

“Companies need to do a lot more to ensure that their data, their business and their users are protected online,” Fergus told The Register.

“This is a big issue and there are lots of companies that are working on this issue, but a lot of them are not really investing in the same way.”

Networking, and the internet in general, is a global industry, with organisations in every country around the world connecting to each other.

Fairs like the ones in Germany and Australia are a great way for organisations looking to build trust and confidence in their networks to engage with each other, said Fergus.

“A lot of organisations are still in the dark about how the internet works and how they should do it.

It’s really important that organisations are making sure that they understand how it works, so people can get the best out of their internet,” she concluded. 

For more information, visit the foundation website. 

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